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Walking tours

Walking tours are free and have to be booked through the personal web page ( after logging in responding to the Survey “Refreshment & Tours”  by July 7th 2021. Please note that each walking tour is subject to a minimum and a maximum number of participants.

Wednesday, 8 September (h.18:00) – Basilica of St. Paul and historic district of Garbatella guided tours

Basilica of St. Paul 

One of the Four Papal Basilicas and one of the oldest churches of Rome built in the 4th century on the tomb of the Apostle Paul. Rebuilt after the fire in 1823 and famous for the papal portraits. The tour will cross centuries of its art pieces and history and religion.

Rules and Tips: -> religious site, shoulders and knees need to be covered ->comfortable shoes

Historic district of Garbatella

Garbatella, a suggestive popular district of Rome, was created in the 1920s for the working classes and was modelled on English garden suburbs. The laidback and carefree vibe is infectious and the eclectic architecture is a thrilling mix of numerous styles such as late Baroque, Art Deco and styles influenced by the 17th-century architect Francesco Borromini. The tour will cross its eclectic architecture in a mix of historic and contemporary.

The tours will end with a dinner in a typical local restaurant.

Tips: ->comfortable shoes

Thursday 9 September (h. 18:30) – Jewish Ghetto of Rome guided tour

From Ancient Rome, through the medieval age, up to the 20th century, the Jewish Ghetto has an incredible amount of history. In the Ghetto we be explored the mysteries and tragic tales that are ingrained into this beautiful part of Rome.

The tour will end with a dinner in a typical local restaurant.

Tips: ->comfortable shoes

Friday 10 September (h. 15:00 – 18:00) Guided tour to Ostia Antica (at least 10 participants)

Ostia Antica was the main point of entry for all the goods that came into Rome from the Empire, and was the city’s bread basket for grain coming in to feed the capital’s huge population. The tour will cross its history in a beautiful natural setting away from the traffic and noise in the city centre.

Tips: ->comfortable shoes