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The International Commission for Research into European Food History (ICREFH) was founded at Münster in 1989.  ICREFH is a group of scholars working on the history of food and nutrition in Europe since the late eighteenth century.  Every two years ICREFH holds a symposium on a single theme and publishes the proceedings. The official language is English, with French and German as working languages.

Every two years ICREFH has held a symposium on a single theme in a number of European centres. More significantly, ICREFH has an unmatched record of disseminating its findings by publishing most of the papers presented at its symposia in book form. To date, there are fourteen volumes published in English mainly by commercial publishers. This has made ICREFH unique in terms of its strength and originality as a research seminar committed to the publication of its findings. Its biennial meetings are symposia involving the active participation by members of the network who feel able to contribute their research findings on the chosen theme of the symposium.